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Consultants seek consolidation on the Romanian market - BBW article

By: Alexandra Calin | Date: 2009-05-27
Austrian-based consulting firm ReManagement hopes to clinch restructuring deals at a number of large and medium-sized companies in Romania this year. At the same time, the company acts to gain the same kind of notoriety it has achieved in countries such as Austria and Slovakia, according to Marcello Nicoloso, the company's general manager. "We are well known on the Austrian market and people come to us with confidence, trusting our services. In Romania, however, we are working to reach that stage. Our objective is to develop our business in Romania and gradually make ourselves known," said Nicoloso. ReManagement currently has offices in Bratislava, Vienna and Bucharest. The company's Romanian office opened in the spring of 2008. To cope with the specific requirements of individual projects, Nicoloso said the company collaborated with a network of professionals in different sectors.

"When we have a client in the food processing industry we simply work with specialists in that field, using their services and expertise on a temporary basis." Focusing on turnaround management services, the company's main clients operate in sectors such as retail and wholesale, industrial production and real estate. "Now most of our clients in Romania are active in the real estate sector, being real estate developers." On this note, Nicoloso said good managers never restructure companies by only cutting staff, but instead they seek to cut costs without benefits, stabilize turnover and work on generating a positive cash flow. Confident in the company's development prospects, Nicoloso listed its solid expertise and the Austrian know-how among the aspects that gave ReManagement an edge on the Romanian market. "In this business we have a difficult task because we need to say the right things at the right time to the right people. We need certain abilities to work in this field, especially in an environment in which we have constantly changing market conditions, as it is right now the case in Romania." Many business people are now facing difficulties, recording a negative cash flow, he added. "There are moments when managers simply no longer have the strength to deal with the problems caused by the crisis. That is when our role begins and together with the existing management we work on efficiently reducing costs and reorganizing operations in such a way the company can overcome difficulties and steer out of trouble.

About ReManagement:
During crisis, usually the entire wealth of the owners is put at risk, it’s about rescuing a lifetime work. No tips and fancy concepts put on shinny paper will help – only quick action and real upshot will do the job. The need for practice-proofed advisory together with taking responsibility for recovery is the only helpful hand lend to companies in order to succeed during downturn.
In more than ten years of experience we managed winning the trust of our clients, by dealing every problem with the required amount of attention from our top level professionals. Pointing out outcome-oriented solutions, integrating actions and keeping an upright management is what distinguishes us. We believe in performance as a team result and quality in our accomplishments. This is what makes us proud of our tasks. This is the key to our joint success.

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